Elon Musk Wants to Sell DOGE-Related NFT Artwork for 420 Million DOGE

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has become a new member of the NFT club. Musk has been a very enthusiastic backer and supporter of Dogecoin. He has taken his liking for the meme-based cryptocurrency one step further by putting an artwork of NFT related to DOGE on auction. The CEO of SpaceX posted a video on Twitter that contained the NFT artwork. Mush shared that he intends to sell the piece of art in the video. So far, his video on Twitter has got more than 8 million views and over 30,000 retweets, which shows how much people are interested in the proposition of Musk. 

Musk has stated that he is willing to sell this song related to NFTs as an NFT itself. Crypto experts and enthusiasts are the ones most interested in the artwork and song. The piece of art is a trophy around which many dogs are rotating. At the top of the trophy, “Vanity Trophy” is written prominently. The words “HODL” and “Never Sleep” are also readable in the lower part of the trophy. 

Beeple’s Interest in Buying the Artwork

Crypto experts and strategists have approached Musk to offer payments in the form of Dogecoins. People fascinated by the art asked the CEO of SpaceX if he would accept payment in digital assets. A digital artist Beeple was also intrigued by the artwork. In the past, one of Beeple’s digital artwork sold for $69 million. Beeple engaged Musk by tweeting that he would pay $69 million for the Doge-based artwork, but Musk declined the offer. Musk has requested 420 million Dogecoins for the piece of art, which is approximately $24 million. 

Elon Musk’s Undying Support for DOGE

The tweet of Musk might be a joke or banter for many people, but it also displays the devotion and commitment of Musk for Dogecoin. The meme-based cryptocurrency has gained some value in the crypto market, mostly because of the backing from the CEO of SpaceX. Dogecoin experienced publicity and engagement even more than the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin due to Musk’s support. However, Bitcoin has been the reason behind Tesla’s record-breaking profits in the last thirteen years. Musk aims to support Dogecoin in the future as well, which can lead to the cryptocurrency’s surge in the crypto market. 

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