Aztec Network Rolls Out Layer-2 On the Ethereum Blockchain

Aztec Network has provided Ethereum with the best privacy platform. It will tighten the security for the required asset for the purpose of scaling and protection of transactions performance.

When Aztec launched this site solution for Ethereum, they already mentioned its current experimental service and is still in the further developmental process to ensure a secure grip over the transactions scaling.

The Layer 2 (L2) technology rollup provided for the assets is generally capable of keeping their privacy locked in terms of gas savings as well. Current L2 technology enables the assets to stay private within it without exposing to Layer 1 DeFi.

Ethereum is currently the only individual asset that is gaining the mentioned benefits and is able to access it. The process includes the ETH users to:

  • Shield and Unshield data by enabling their ETH to contract Aztec L2.
  • “Escape hatch” a feature provided by Aztec in the current mainnet roll up launch in case of emergency unshielded.

Furthermore, Aztec mentioned working with more assets like BTC (wBTC) in the near future.

Aztec expressed an outline of each rollup that could be proved beneficial in certain cases. Those benefits also include the pattern of 112 transactions in an aggregate manner, that may allow these users the benefit of “splitting the fee”, resulting in lower gas fee and much more.

A technology named zk-SNARK is used by Aztec for encoding different transactions and for providing protection to the user’s data. This technology allowed Aztec to provide the mentioned platform with valuable and secure services, allowing their user’s data to be within their newly launched layer.

Ethereum funded Aztec’s programming language named “Noir”, which led to this strong collaboration. With the launch of its new feature called “Cross asset scaling”, it might actually be able to perform complex operational transactions of around 300 per second.

It provides multiple security services at the same time. For example, not only it provides complex transactional speed limits, but at the same time, it also protects the availability of user’s on-chain data.  Aztec originated in October 2017, and it is now turning out to be not only the trusted source for blockchain lending but also for the security protocols it is providing to ETH users.

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