Blockchain Will Distribute XLM Tokens To Users For $ 125 Million

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Blockchain Will Distribute XLM Tokens To Users For $ 125 Million

The operator of the blockchain wallet intends to arrange “the largest airdrop in history” and distribute 500 billion stellar tokens (XLM), worth 125 million US dollars to the owners of their wallets.

Stellar became the first partner of the Blockchain Airdrop program, which was announced by the company last month, previously successfully attracting more than $ 700 million in investments from companies such as Virgin and Mozaic Ventures.

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith noted that the Stellar network was chosen precisely because it is “ideal for scaling” and has an “active and growing ecosystem.”

At first glance, the Blockchain Airdrop may seem only an effective way to attract users, however, Smith argues that the program was created so that users, without risking their own funds, could test a new cryptocurrency for themselves:

“Looking back five years on the history of Stellar, I understand how valuable it is for me to remember how the first users who received tokens worth $ 20 got acquainted with a new financial system for them after their first transaction”.

Blockchain is also actively involved in other social activities, such as the new Stanford University,, and a Network for Good program aimed at adopting XLM.



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