3 Tokens Of The ERC-20 Standard, Which Are Worth Paying Attention To

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3 Tokens Of The ERC-20 Standard, Which Are Worth Paying Attention To

ERC-20 is the first and the most common standard of tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain, which was introduced in 2015. After the appearance of this standard, the ICO market began to grow very quickly, since the ERC-20 contains a list of rules that future tokens must comply with. Therefore, today it is very difficult to consider really promising ERC-20 tokens, but these three are definitely underestimated.

  1. OmiseGO (OMG)

OmiseGO is the developer of the financial technology of the same name, compatible with all common digital wallets, which will allow users to conduct peer-to-peer trading of assets, exchange currencies and make payments in real time.

The company promises that the technology will work equally in different jurisdictions and will allow to conduct operations not only with cryptocurrencies, but also with Fiat money.

The aim of OmiseGO is to provide access to modern financial services to social groups that are currently deprived of it for one reason or another, as well as to create an alternative to traditional financial institutions.

Orientation for the countries of South-East Asia allows OmiseGO become part of a rapidly developing economy. According to the World Bank, as of 2018, only 27% of local residents have Bank accounts, despite the region’s huge contribution to the world economy.

Until recently, savings were stored at home in cash, but the emergence of cheap smartphones and payment applications that allow you to replenish accounts in conventional stores, opened access to banking services for a large part of the population of the region.

Now QR-codes can be found almost everywhere in Southeast Asia. From this point of view, the gap between Fiat and digital currencies has narrowed considerably.

Built-in platform features

Although the project focuses on end users, a system is being developed in parallel to allow other technology companies to integrate the platform into their work. This attention to the needs of the business will help the OMG scale quickly.

Decentralized exchange (DEX)

Today, anyone can buy cryptocurrency. The problem is that it is a central area, which is contrary to the principles of the technology of the blockchain.

So OmiseGO and many other projects develop their own decentralized exchange. While this idea may seem unnecessary at first, in the long run, DEX will perform an important function in helping OmiseGO users trade bitcoin, ether, and other assets.

  1. WaltonChain (WTC)

This is a joint Korean-Chinese project, which focuses on the Association of the blockchain and the Internet of things (IoT) for the sake of creating what the authors call “Value of the Internet of Things” (VioT). WaltonChain is not just “another supply chain token”; the project creates a comprehensive decentralized enterprise — level “Internet of things” solution.

WaltonChain solves the problem of automatically incorporating physical assets into the blockchain with tiny chips, which, thanks to patented RFID technology, can be attached to almost any product. The combination of hardware and software solutions makes WTC more promising than other blockchain projects.

  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Token BAT is designed for the usage on the platform browser Brave. It registers the user’s attention aimed at a particular advertising or other content, while the BAT co-creators emphasize that the user’s personal data and information about his preferences are stored only on his device, ensuring anonymity and privacy.

Browser Brave

The whole concept of BAT is based on Brave — a free open source browser that automatically blocks ads and cookies. Eliminating unnecessary data Brave twice the speed of Chrome and eight times ahead of mobile browsers.

Since the first version appeared in January 2016, the browser has been downloaded by more than 10 million users in the Google Play Store. Currently, it is actively used by more than 4 million people.



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