Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile and there are numerous reasons for that. One of these reasons is cryptocurrency whales; investors that hodl large amounts of coins. Whales have been around since investing in crypto coins became popular and they seem to be very active lately. One of the possible reasons that people think that whales came back is that the year is coming to the end and many crypto investors are predicting a great rise in crypto prices. Hence, large and experienced investors are buying more coins and many newbies are trying to enter the crypto sphere.

XRP is the third largest crypto coin based on market capitalization and has always gained attention because of its ties to the financial system and new partners. Recently, the coin has been catching a lot of attention due to a number of positive news surrounding it. The company that created XRP, Ripple, is attempting to improve the adoption rate of the coin with a number of strategies. Ripple encourages new businesses that utilize XRP, the company has been accepting new clients to RippleNet and encouraging them to use XRP for payments and transfers.

Recently, there were more than 200 million XRP coins transferred from the company’s crypto wallet. The crypto coins were transferred to an account on cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp. Even though at first there was no clear indication of who the money was sent to, it is highly likely that the company sent the tokens to the exchange because of the growing demand for XRP coins on the platform. These tokens are currently worth almost 50 million USD. As the year ends, it is possible that the number of XRP buyers will increase.

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