The Tron Foundation was established in March 2014 by founder, Justin Sun. The protocol for Tron would be launched only 3 years later. The Tron Foundation is non-profit based in Singapore and has recently been in the headlines for a gathering named “ModelExpend” that they had organized. The organization hosted women that were highly prominent in the cryptocurrency community in order to have a discussion on pressing issues facing blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As reported by the organization, they invited women from the best blockchain companies such as Libra and Ripple. The main topic of discussion was the future direction of the blockchain sector.

ModelExpand also presented influential women that worked on the Tron network. According to the Tron Foundation, they had chosen the most brilliant women to talk about methods to ensure the development of the crypto market.

In a statement a Tron Foundation representitive said that their blockchain gathering, ModelExpand, was a remarkable way to bring amazing women together. The smartest people in the industry from top companies came together to debate about what is necessary to push blockchain to mainstream consumers.

The cryptocurrency launched by the Tron Fountation, TRON (TRX), is currently one of the leading cryptocurrencies. With a market cap of over 928 million USD, the coin takes the 13th rank following Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Cardano (ADA).

On Tron

It has been rumored that TRON is going to be among the crypto coins added to It is a separate exchange by Binance, which was launched after the exchange wasn’t able to operate in the United States because of legal issues. Because of this, the US-based platform has been very careful about choosing what coins to list. During the first two months, the exchange has already listed 25 coins and when new crypto coins start entering the platform, TRX will be among them.

On Ripple

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