A YouTube Performed ICO LiveEdu Reaches $10 Million

A YouTube Performed ICO LiveEdu Reaches $10 Million

According to an announcement, LiveEdu has reached the $10M hardcap for ICO.

There are over 5000 people from 150 countries participating in this ICO. Many of them are professionals working in the industry.

CEO, Dr. Michael J. Garbade had this to say, “You guys surprised us all. We launched our crowdsale without any private pre-sale or any aggressive bonus model for major contributors. No contributor even had 100% bonus, but still we have been able to close quickly. Thank you for believing in our project and the opportunity of disrupting the $306 billion professional development market one shot at a time. We are looking forward to hiring experienced new team members from LinkedIn, YouTube and Lynda. We look forward to setting up LiveEdu Project Screens in cities around the world, one city at a time.”

The CEO of the project Dr. Michael J. Garbade said there are working to create a new schedule for ICO. And the first priority for them are cryptocurrency tokens. He advised to be patient and wait for final results. Michael said they are monitoring all online social communities and forums to have a better result.

LiveEdu is described as a decentralized P2p project learning platform for those who want to improve their skills in future technologies. LiveEdu is building the YouTube for online education and professional development. They are taking one category from YouTube and enforce it into their own version.

LiveEdu will be making announcements in the coming days about:

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