Washington Sports Teams Have Released New Non-Fungible Token Collections

The two teams Washington Capitals from the National Hockey League and Washington Wizards from the National Basketball Association, have partnered up with Monumental Sports and Entertainment to bring a set of 2 brand new NFT collections for buyers to enjoy. Both of these teams are now part of the growing NFT community, as digital artists will have the opportunity to show off their impressive skills in the making of these new collections.

The Artists that have been selected for this set of new collections for the Washington-based teams are Lawrence Atoigue and Robert Generatte III, respectively. Also popularly known as Neturel and Rob Zilla III, both artists are expected to be producing the highest quality of Digital Art to please the Washington team fans, further adding another great experience to their careers.

The Collections

According to statements from the NBA, the news about his new move from the Washington-based teams mainly comes after the public was allowed to participate in gaining access to NFT Collections and to Educate them about the benefits they can have. Excited about this new move, the Washington Wizards from the NBA have announced that they will be creating an exclusive set of NFTs, which will be available for the first 500 fans and will have no cost at all, as a means of increasing the potential of their marketing strategy, boosting overall sales.

Both collections will have different offerings according to the buyer’s interest. Washington Capital’s NFT collection will be called ‘The Screaming Eagle Collection’ that will feature items themed according to the team’s logo that was released back in 1995. There will also be an extra special NFT in which the winner will also receive a ring that will be themed accordingly. The NFT will also come with tickets to watch team warm-ups and meet with legacy team players.

As for the collection offered by the Washington Wizards, it will be named the ‘Starting Five Collection’ that will be an NFT that will be divided into five parts, highlighting the glory of the city of Washington DC. Every part of the NFT will also highlight the starters of the teams and will be different in prices. The Wizards will also give away 500 free NFTs known as the ‘Sixth Man’ versions.

Further details about the Collections will soon be shared on the social media pages of both teams.

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