Wall Street In Crypto Sector Will Make Trillions: Says Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder Of Cardano

Several days ago Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano and former CEO and co-founder of Ethereum, wrote on Twitter that Wall Street will bring “trillions of dollars” into crypto world in the future. His announcement has been done after all of the cryptocurrencies decreased and the cryptocurrency market cap lost $13 billion.

Hoskinson attempted to assure crypto defenders that the future will seem a lot successful and better as compared to the situation which we have at the d present moment. After a follower endorsed his attempts in sending a positive notification, he named himself a “guy in the back” as in order to achieve goals “everyone has to do their part”. Currently, Hoskinson is  moving to Tokyo in order to visit Japan Blockchain Conference 2018.

It is interesting that only several Wall Street firms and retailers  are considering the idea of cryptocurrencies. Mike Novogratz, former Wall Street executive and CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, lately mentioned that it was “nearly irresponsible” to prevent putting in cryptocurrency. Novogratz used to operate at Goldman Sachs before investing 10% of his wealth into the crypto market.  A month ago, another Goldman Sachs executive, Richard Kim, left Wall Street to join Galaxy Digital as COO.

Even Bart Smith, CNBC’s “Wall Street Crypto King”, hopes that as soon as proper regulations are implemented, organizational investors will begin investing in the cryptocurrency business.



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