Ukraine’s Ministry Of Digital Transformation Begins An Online NFT Museum

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has initiated an online NFT (non-fungible token) museum targeted at keeping the timeline of the prominent events caused by the Russian army’s invasion of the country. In a tweet published recently, MykhailoFedorov – the digital transformation minister of Ukraine–stated that the authorities started an endeavour with NFT artworks, showing the chief moments out of Ukraine’s viewpoint from 24th February onward.

The non-fungible token depicts the events that took place at the native time’s 5:45 AM on the date when the conflict began, as Russia declared a special army operation in the Ukrainian region of Donbas. As per the official website of the NFT museum, 54 NFTs of the significant war moments from 24th as well as 26th February will be accessible from 30th March onwards with the utilization of the ETH (Ether) to support the civilians and army of the country.

The artwork takes account of a series of sources and events based on the government official Twitter posts, news outlets’ published photos, as well as the reaction given by the world leaders along with individual responses. Fedorov mentioned that while Russia utilizes tanks for the destruction of Ukraine, they depend on blockchain technology (which is quite revolutionary). The NFT museum counts to be a space to retain the war-related memory and to celebrate the freedom and identity of Ukraine.

Apart from disseminating funds for the military of Ukraine, the NFT campaign appears to be aimed against the state media of Russia, which is being condemned by several across the globe for spreading misinformation as well as propaganda, especially in terms of the situation taking place in Ukraine after 24th February. It was revealed by the project that among the objectives thereof was to disseminate the right facts and figures among the worldwide digital community.

The authorities of Ukraine referred to an NFT project following the cancellation of the plans regarding an undetermined airdrop of tokens on 3rd March. Alex Bornyakov – the digital transformation’s deputy ministry – later expressed in a report published by The Guardian (a United Kingdom-based news outlet) that it has a strategy to issue a collection of NFTs that would be similar to a museum dealing with the Russian-Ukrainian battle.

Collaboration between Digital Transformation Ministry as well as the participants from (an NFT venue) was carried out for the project’s blockchain infrastructure. The government of Ukraine has embraced crypto donations straight via the wallet addresses offered on the behalf of the Digital Transformation Ministry from 26th February onwards.

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