UK Bicycle New Project Enables Cryptocurrency Production During Bicycle Ride

UK BICYCLE, based in Twickenham, UK, has developed an electronic bicycle that creates a crypto currency while riding on it.

The digital electronic bicycle, called TOBA, is ready for release next month, and the company 50cycles has already published several promotional photos before the launch. The company was the first to create a concept of this kind, turning the world of cryptocurrencies into a health and fitness industry.

Founder 50cycles Scott Snaith says that they have integrated 15 years of experience in cycling into an innovative new invention. He believes that bicycles represent the best value for money compared to anything else on the market today.

50cycles already accepts crypto-currency payments for retail products in its store and hopes that TOBA bicycles will interest the digital assets market. For every 1000 miles, users will generate 10 TOBA Tokens –  approximately £ 20. Token TOBA is the company’s own cryptocurrency, based on NEM blockchain technology.

TOBA tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), NEM and Digibytes (DGB), or exchange for goods. Customers receive a free TOBA purse and mobile application.

The system works as an incentive program. It enables users to earn money, and also promotes environmentally friendly transport and a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, crypto-enthusiasts who took the decision to purchase a TOBA bicycle with the help of cryptocurrency will receive a discount of 150 pounds sterling.

The concept is exactly the type of innovative developments that are necessary to accelerate the adoption of the main crypto currency.


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