How to transact and spend BTC anonymously with a Bitcoin Mixer

Are you tired of always looking behind your back when making transactions online with Bitcoin? Do you want to become anonymous and do your business without any worry? If so, the solution lies in bitcoin mixing.

Services such as Bitcoin Mixer have come up to give bitcoin user the safety and freedom they want in online transaction. This could not be so if Bitcoin were truly anonymous. Unfortunately, it is not.

Many people, especially those new to the blockchain tech often assume bitcoin is anonymous. However, the true nature of bitcoin is described as pseudonymous.  Since the transactions are recorded on a public ledger that is freely accessible, anyone can find and track a transaction. As long as they can figure out the input and the output, noting can stop them from identifying you in real life.

The good news is, you don’t have to suffer so. Bitcoin mixing services have become a vital part of such transactions. They offer an easy way for users to stay under the radar and avoid being noticed by hackers and prying eyes. With them, you no longer need to fear transacting as many Bitcoins as you desire.

How do Bitcoin Mixers work?

The easiest way to describe the working principle behind bitcoin tumblers is that they confuse your transactions. Instead of having a direct link between the input and the out, they cut such links so that not one can understand how they started or ended.

They take you Bitcoins, store them for a while and give someone else’s Bitcoin with the same value. The sites have been set to do everything automatically so that things are perfect in the end. It does not involve people who may perhaps steal your Bitcoins.

You don’t even need to create an account to use bitcoin mixing services. All you have to do is log onto a website, enter your desired output address and choose the delay time. Here, you need to choose a good delay time to make your transaction fully secure.

Once you are through with this, wait for the tumbling to take place, after which you receive a confirmation. With such a process, not one can tell where you have made transactions from or to.

How many times can you mix Bitcoins?

There is no specific number of times set as the maximum for bitcoin mixing. You can use the services as many times as possible.

Some people use bitcoin tumblers for every transaction because they are more secure. It does not matter how much coins you are moving too. As long as it feels secure, it is okay.

Is it safe?

This is a very important concern for many people. Bitcoin Mixers are safe. However, you need to start by picking a service you can trust.

Understand that Bitcoin Mixers are very volatile. There are many that closed down just when they had begun to make a mark. But there are many, who have set in place initiatives to ensure your coins are safe.

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