Tokocrypto Review – Is Tokocrypto Scam or a Legit Crypto Exchange?

Tokocrypto Review

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Tokocrypto is an Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange that is providing its services since 2017. It has been established to make the selling and purchasing of crypto easy for every man in the street. In this Tokocrypto review, I will let you know what features of this exchange make it different from other available exchanges.

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Most cryptocurrency traders prefer Tokocrypto because of various tangible reasons. The most important reason from traders’ point of view is that it is a regulated exchange. It means that they feel safe on this platform because it has taken all the safety measures needed to ensure safety from scammers and cybercriminals. Other features of Tokocrypto are discussed below.

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Services Provided By Tokocrypto

Like every other cryptocurrency exchange, the primary service of Tokocrypto is to facilitate in buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This exchange has been working sincerely to meet the needs of traders and provide them satisfaction. It provides those services which make the trading experience favorable for traders as well as common people. Tokocrypto has simplified the transaction process to save time and reduce the burden on traders.

In addition to all the upper mentioned services, Tokocrypto supports a native token as well called ‘Toko Token’. This token offered by Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s first-ever virtual currency. Toko token is faster in terms of transaction speed and costs much less as compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Fee Structure At Tokocrypto

Other than the features and services of an exchange, the most important factor which attracts traders is affordability. If a platform offers good services but charges unjustly, traders don’t like that kind of platform. Tokocrypto has not made this mistake because it was created to support traders not to exploit them.

The maker and taker fee at this platform is only 0.1% which encourages traders to invest more. When it comes to depositing fees, Tokocrypto has gone one step further as it charges no fee at all on deposits. Whether a trader deposits fiat currency or cryptocurrency, he would be charged absolutely nothing.

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Graphical Interface Of Tokocrypto

Almost every exchange pays most of its attention to the graphical interface because most of the traders base their decisions regarding trading platforms on this factor. Although the main focus of Tokocrypto is on security features it has not neglected its interface.

The interface of Tokocrypto is very friendly as it is simple and easy to use. The advantage of an intuitive interface is that beginners and newbies can also avail the services without facing any inconvenience. The interface provides well-sorted information and traders feel no problem at all while surfing the website.

Customer Support At Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto customer support service

The relationship between customers and a trading platform depends on the customer support services provided by the platform. Tokocrypto is an exchange that treats its clients politely and prioritizes them on their profit. For that purpose, they try to remain in contact with their traders as much as possible. But unlike other exchanges, Tokocrypto has not relied only on its phone numbers and email address. It has various social media handles that represent the exchange on different social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Its social media accounts work as help centers as well. On these platforms, the exchange takes feedback from its customers and then improves its services to provide a better trading experience. The exchange takes every complaint seriously and makes sure that it never receives the same kind of complaint ever again.

Bottom Line

Although Tokocrypto is an Indonesian crypto exchange due to its top-notch services, it has been receiving clients from all over the world. Its security features, customer support, and user interface are the services that deserve to be praised. After going through all its features, tools, and services, I would recommend you to visit this platform and see the services with your own eyes.

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