Swissquote Review – Is Swissquote Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Swissquote Review

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In this review, we are going to discuss Swissquote. Swissquote is a well-known brokerage platform which is dedicated towards offering its customers with a highly compelling and easy-to-use trading platform. Right now, this broker has operations all over the world, covering nearly 200 countries and has over 300,000 people actively using it on a regular basis. After this Swissquote review, you too can join this list and start earning profits today.

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Why Swissquote?

Simply put, whenever a user trades with Swissquote, he or she will be given access to a wide range of different products and services. As a matter of fact, Swissquote offers more than 100 trading instruments and tools that you can choose from, in addition to providing each trader with up to 150 different kinds of currency pairs.

You will have everything that you may possibly need to succeed in the online trading sphere, as this broker provides exactly what it advertises. Many other brokers may promise to offer one thing, but then fail to deliver. Moreover, there is also a lack of transparency regarding multiple procedures and regulations when it comes to other brokers.

Swissquote realizes this, and so it is completely transparent about what it offers, and is totally legal too. What we liked most about this broker was the sheer amount of experience and knowledge that it has regarding online trading, and it can thus help traders to know what is usually the best course of action.

Trading platform

Regarding Swissquote’s trading platform, we found that this broker has really taken the time to truly understand what it is that traders need to be successful nowadays. Not only is the platform itself visually very appealing, but it is also quite easy to understand and use thanks to its simple yet effective layout. Furthermore, traders are given numerous trading tools in addition to the interactive interface, which includes features such as graphs, figures, charts, and various other illustrations that will certainly help you gain a better understanding of the industry.

Also, the trading platform is purely reliant on mathematics, market research, and in-depth analysis. Nothing is left to chance and this is also why many veteran traders have chosen Swissquote because of the offering of advanced risk management tools. The trading instruments can even be used to anticipate whether there will be an increase or decrease regarding any given asset’s price. Lastly, users can trade with Swissquote from anywhere all over the world, from a variety of devices like personal computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on.

Swissquote trading platform


Before you can claim to be a professional trader, you must be familiar with all of the terms, concepts, definitions, etc. when it comes to online trading. There have been many times when traders suffered great losses simply due to a lack of knowledge, and so Swissquote offers plenty of educational material that traders can take advantage of to become more experienced.

The educational resources include video tutorials, e-books, courses, and much more. All of these resources are meant to help traders learn as much as possible about online trading. This is crucial as by educating yourself, you will be more likely to gain substantial profits while avoiding considerable losses.

Customer support

Swissquote has a highly competent and capable team that is ready to help you out when needed. Although there might be delays nowadays due to the ongoing global pandemic, the broker’s staff will assist you at any given time when feasible. It is possible to contact the customer support team through direct phone calls, emails, or even a live-chat option.

Moreover, you can access Swissquote in several different languages, including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and more. The customer support team is thus also trained to assist you regardless of linguistic barriers, making this broker extremely efficient and unique.

Final thoughts

If you still need further convincing, feel free to navigate to Swissquote’s site and try out the demo account option (which is a safe way of experiencing what a broker has to offer without actually facing any real risks). After trying it out for yourself, you are bound to realize that Swissquote is a legitimate and high-quality broker than will make your trading journey highly profitable.

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