Two of the Russian Federal Security Service agents were recently accused and charged of a BTC scams, as a result of an operation to eliminiate cyber-criminals from the agency.

Sergei Belousov and Aleksey Kolbov were charged of fraud of $1 mln, based on reports. However, the most interesting thing is, that the earlier mentioned agents were responsible for anti-fraud investigations.

A case against the former director of FBI, Erast Galumov was being investigated by the two. He was secretly arrested in 2018, however, in his family’s mind, he was away for business. The two corrupt agents blackmailed the man for $1 mln. The former FBI director was accused of participating in a $675,000 fraud, although his lawyers repeatedly dismissed the allegations.

The two agents contacted his son, Alexander, as Kolbov used a false identity and required him to leave Russia, if he didn’t want to face his father’s fate. Stating that the money was required for the father’s bail, Kolbov demanded $1 mln. After Erast and his son, who were at the time cooperating with FSB in order to find corrupt agents, made the payment. The BTC transaction was traced.

This fraud case is handed over to court for further investigation, however, many believe that another 15 FSB agents were involved in the scam.


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