Raoul Pal Believes Altcoins Like Cardano (ADA) Will Significantly Outperform ETH

Raoul Pal forecasts ADA and various altcoins will significantly outperform ETH in a bullish condition. In a recent interview co-founder and CEO of Real Vision explained his digital asset strategy using examples from the conventional financial markets.

Normally, in a conventional, market once a trend establishes it takes place, one can then move out the curve risk. Therefore if we consider Bitcoin as a government-issued bond, then one will move to Ethereum as corporate bonds, then one goes to the rest of the bonds which, includes all remaining stuff, and lastly, the private enterprise lending. So going by this logic, Pal believes in a bull market, Ethereum will outperform BTC, and altcoins will outperform Ethereum subsequently.

While Raoul moves the curve risk out, he states he does not know whether Cardano ADA will succeed or not. However, according to Pal’s logic mentioned above, if Bitcoin is performing well, Ethereum will perform as well, and since both of them are performing so well, the altcoins will likely follow a similar path outperforming Ethereum.

As the Macro Guru states, he does not know whether an individual project like Polkadot or Cardano will work and achieve network adoption. Hence, he took a chance on a group of altcoins as if ETH goes up. Altcoins could reach five times that.

Raoul’s postulation can be, confirmed by the latest Real Vision portfolio announcement, which represents a massive allocation of DOT, ADA, and various other alts.

The crypto investor also maintained DOGE. Raoul presents many factors for his decision, and that DOGE should not be underrated. As he speaks in the interview about how he owns DOGE and says everyone else does it too, but it is mainly for fun. The Guru holds a limited amount as he is intrigued about the potential outcome of the altcoin. It could become a huge success or maybe not. However, Mark has allowed DOGE to buy Dallas Mavericks tickets and merchandise. Raoul carried on saying DOGE retains many people’s interest in it, and if Tesla builds an app, DOGE will then have investors, exchanges, and applications, which is a recipe for a network, an ecosystem that has value.

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