Participants Of Ethereum Summit Undertake To Implement Management Plan

Famous shareholders, interested parties and organizations in the ethereum community promise to support the management plan developed by the participants of the conference concentrated on the technology.

The declaration said that the organizers behind the EIP:0 Summit undertook to four new management steps on Wednesday. Particularly, Aragon and the Web3 Foundation which hare Parity Technologies have already assured that they will support in signing declaration of intent.

According to the CoinDesk report a two-day duration summit organized and passed earlier this month considered management issues in the ethereum ecosystem as a result of the increase of the network and the variety of opinions on the technical direction. Currently, it is difficult to evaluate the opinion among various parties involved in developing, investing or securing software.

For this purpose, the entities who signed the plan have promised to create a declaration of common values for ethereum, supporting the creation of “open source tools to collect key signals and indicators”, having a management challenge every month and organizing a second, larger EIP:0 meeting.

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Here are the essential signals:  ethereum transaction volume, the number of deployed contracts, the number of GitHub contributions.

One way to stimulate this technological development can be grants.

Probably most serious, however, is the support that a second EIP:0 Summit is receiving.

Afri Schoedon, a developer and communications officer at Parity, said in a tweet that “[the Summit] must be as inclusive as possible. And if 350,000 people show up, we have to deal with it.”

The full list of signatories to the declaration includes L4 Ventures, developer Lane Rettig, Giveth founder Griff Green, Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson and startup Gnosis.




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