PancakeSwap Lists Sriracha Inu

The token is now available on PooCoin, DexTools, and PancakeSwap.

The Sriracha Inu community is joyous to announce in the PancakeSwap listing. The new token boats a KYC-focused team and attained a milestone of 1M MC almost 20 hours after debuting. Sriracha Inu is a deflationary rewards asset that awards its users in Binance-tied Ethereum. The alt projects seem to get spicier as the developers hardened partnership before launching the altcoin.

The team behind Sriracha Inu has regularly released personalized mini-games for prizes and airdrops. Furthermore, enthusiasts can access the NFT marketplace and P2E games. $SRIRACHA is the Sriracha Inu project’s native token and runs activities within the Sriracha network.

Token Concept

Sriracha has a straightforward concept. With $SRIRACHA tokens, holders can generate passive income and revenue in $ETH. SRIRACHA holders will get 8% of each transaction (buy and sell) made within the current structure. Moreover, the platform has already burnt 500 trillion coins to increase demand and reduce the alt’s supply, raising $SRIRACHA’s value. Developers introduced the crypto deliberately to ensure stability. As for now, there at 500 Trillion tokens circulating in the crypto space.

Here is a crafted $SRIRACHA token distribution structure;

  • 8% Reward Distribution (Binance-Tied Ethereum)
  • 4% Liquidity (maintaining healthy liquidity)
  • 1% Buyback and Burn (ensures token’s stability)
  • 2% Marketing

For now, SRIRACHA is available on PooCoin, DexTools, and PancakeSwap. Its initial presale was completed last week with a lucrative response from the token’s participants. Also, CoinGecko listed Sriracha Inu, and the holder may access it on Coinmarketcap soon. The team targets multiple renowned CEX and DEX listings, eyeing before their ultimate objective, Coinbase.

The token’s marketing team seems to work all possible ways to expand the massive community to global crypto enthusiasts by utilizing multiple ways, including Contests, Social Media, and Billboards. Moreover, it will reveal strategic collaborations in the upcoming months. Also, the project aims to onboard prominent cryptocurrency influences, conduct AMAs with renowned communities, and utilize regional marketing to outreach a worldwide audience.

About Sriracha Inu

Sriracha Inu token is a deflationary asset on Binance Smart Chain. It pays rewards in ETH. Besides being a reward token, it targets a household and world-recognized name. You can visit Sriracha Inu’s official website and social media profiles for more information.

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