Pacific Financial Derivatives Review – Is Pacific Financial Derivatives Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Pacific Financial Derivatives Review

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A brokerage company based in New Zealand by the name of Pacific Financial Derivatives has been steadily building momentum ever since it was founded back in 1999. It had been established with legendary Japanese experience and technology, and it continues to be a top choice for traders worldwide even today. It is also an authorized ‘Introducing Broker’ (IB) and had managed to enhance its offering even further to serve as a registered financial service provider and fully authorized futures dealer. This Pacific Financial Derivatives review shall thus shed some light on the broker’s key aspects and services.

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As alluded to earlier, the company had been initially authorized back in 1999 as an IB with New Zealand’s Futures and Options Exchange, followed by being authorized as an NZX Futures and Options Participant Firm. Years later in 2011, Pacific Financial Derivatives had been accredited by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) through which it was allowed to function as an official ‘Authorized Futures Dealer’.

Furthermore, under the 2013 Financial Markets Conduct Act, Pacific Financial Derivatives had been licensed by the FMA to act as an issuer of derivatives. The broker is also a member of the Financial Service Provider Register with FSP 28944. Finally, it is additionally a member of New Zealand’s FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution) scheme.

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Trading platform

Pacific Financial Derivatives offers the highly coveted MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The interface is diverse, friendly, simple to use as well as accessible, and features some truly powerful aspects. Cutting-edge software is provided thanks to a partnership with MetaQuotes, which also helps the broker offer trading services centred around futures, forex, and CFD markets.

Moreover, the platform is provided through web-oriented software, which is great as it simplifies the entire trading process even more. You can use any browser or device with a stable Internet connection to access the trading platform. Naturally, the platform is also fully compatible with smartphones through its mobile application.

Pacific Financial Derivatives trading platform

Account types

There are 3 main account types offered by Pacific Financial Derivatives, all of which provide access to leading financial markets and top-quality trading instruments as well as desirable trading conditions. The options are the ‘PFD Trader’ account, the ‘PFD Pro’ account, and lastly the ‘PFD Pro Plus’ account.

While all of these account types offer the same tradable assets such as commodities, metals, forex, and so on, there are nevertheless some key differences regarding spreads, stop out, margin call, minimum deposit, leverage, swaps, commission, and a few other aspects that you will need to consider before making your decision.

Moreover, the broker has provided an Islamic-friendly account for Muslim traders who have no overnight positions or rollover interest.

Customer support

Pacific Financial Derivatives offers truly convenient yet incredibly useful trading methods as well as highly competitive pricing strategies, but its customer support service is also equally impressive. The support staff is full of industry professionals, all of whom can assist with any problem that you might encounter in an effective and timely manner. These include issues pertaining to technical support, operational matters, account issues, and analysis advisory. The team is also more than happy to answer any general questions you may have.

The way that Pacific Financial Derivatives’ customer support service works is that traders are assigned a professional veteran from the very beginning, so rest easy knowing that you are incapable hands should something go wrong.

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When you use Pacific Financial Derivatives, you shall be given the flexibility to select suitable leverage as per your own trading preferences and needs, with the starting point being from 1:20 and going up to 1:300 (this is widely considered to be high leverage). The leverage tool is certainly quite the powerful feature, however, it is essential that you know how to utilize it in the way that benefits you the most because leverage (by its very nature) can also work against you if you are not careful.

Still, Pacific Financial Derivatives enables very high leverage, which makes the broker even more attractive and its services more alluring.

Final thoughts

Overall, our review has shown that Pacific Financial Derivatives is reliable and well-established. The trading conditions, instruments, and account types are diverse and suitable for all traders from a variety of different backgrounds and preferences. Lastly, the broker has some useful and informative educational resources that you can always read up on, as well as some great customer support, making it a fantastic choice for traders.

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