NEO Global Capital Invests In The Perspective Blockchain Startup Muzika

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NEO Global Capital Invests In The Perspective Blockchain Startup Muzika

Muzika, a Korean blockchain project that attracted the attention of high-profile investors in the blockchain space, announced an investment deal with NEO Global Capital. Investments will help incubate the Muzika project and ensure the integration of resources from both sides.

The Singapore company NEO Global Capital is a strategic investment tool of the NEO fund and one of the largest owners of cryptocurrencies in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the key investment goals of NEO Global Capital is not only to promote the massive introduction of blockchain technology in various branches of the real world, but also to destroy existing business models. Muzika, with an existing user base of 2 million people and investments from first-class crypto-and-blockchain investment groups such as T3 Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, 256 Ventures, has demonstrated its ability to disrupt the status quo in the global music industry.

The investment group focuses on investing in projects related to blockchain technology. The strategic partnership of NEO Global Capital is developing rapidly, in part because of strict adherence to the principle of due diligence in investing. Previous projects have made great strides in helping to accelerate the introduction of blockchain in Asia, to make the industry a commercial reality. Capital investments from the authoritative investment group NEO Global Capital, of course, will be a turning point in the commercialization of Muzika, as it begins its expansion in several markets.


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