NEM Ventures Launches NEM Ignite Incubator

NEM Ventures Launches NEM Ignite Incubator


NEM Ventures has lately released a new project in order to provide financial assistance for early-stage blockchain projects.

The project that is called “NEM Ignite Incubator”, is intended to take new concepts and transform them into completely working businesses. As a result, it will strengthen its ecosystem as well as technology adoption.

As NEM Venture mentioned, with this new project they will support businesses at different stages of development, starting from the idea, to design, develop and promote their plans and implement their objectives. In addition, it is stated: “Acceptance into the program includes moderate financial assistance in the form of investment to help participants get started with pre-seed funding.”

Director & co-founder of NEM Ventures Dave Hodgson noted that NEM Ignite is designed to make sure that all the “companies that wish to build on the platform have the tools to best ensure their success.” In addition, he mentioned: “It represents an investment by the community in early stage companies who are building their future hand in hand with our ecosystem.”

NEM Ignite will be open to applicants from the 2nd quarter of the current year. At present, a beta group of pre-screened firms is being incubated in order to make sure that all the processes are working efficiently.


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