Municipal Blockchain Vote In Switzerland Succeed

The authority bodies of the city of Zug on Monday declared that the Alpine country’s first regional blockchain-based testing election had been effectively finished.

The minor scale advisory vote utilized the city’s eID framework which was first set up in November of previous year.

Electors were able to elect through their smartphones by loading the already available app to sign in.

The engineering details of the testing will at present be appreciated above the upcoming months, he said.

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The attention of the vote’s assessment will be the defense of privacy, voting confidentiality, and the guarantying that the voting results can be verifiable, immutable and understandable.

The city of Zug has been producing its inhabitants with digital identities since winter 2017, and is by now considering different probable applications of the blockchain innovation technology.

Compared to other e-voting systems, the voting process in the city of Zug did not take place via a single main server, but was allocated using blockchain across many computers.

Out of a total of 240 who would have had access to registering with the online voting system, 72 took part.

These are all examples of other applications or services which could potentially be handled using the digital identity in future.



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