Litecoin Community Members Join Bitrise as Market Tumbles
  • Crypto projects with investors’ rewards seem to attract market players.
  • Bitrise boasts high innovation and lucrative tokenomics to its investors.
  • Bitrise grows as one of the best DeFi projects.

The past few days haven’t been promising for most cryptocurrency trades. That is true for investors that staked on BTC. Bitcoin price plummeted by 20%, dragging the overall market down. Almost all digital coins, including LTC, ventured into downswings.

Litecoin dip forced its community to look at other crypto assets that did not suffer most during the latest market fall. Bitrise is one of the digital currencies that received many members from the Litecoin community. The alt is still on a mooning phase, launched on July 28, 2021. Bitrise coin recorded promising price moves over the past four months, attracting thousands of cryptocurrency fans.

Unlike assets such as Litecoin, the recent market crash did not affect Bitrise that much. That is among the reasons the LTC community move to Bitrise. However, many other reasons explain why this relatively new crypto project attracts the crypto community.

Market experts rated Bitrise coin as a highly persuasive project since its launch. It is a decentralized finance protocol created on Binance Smart Chain and boasts massive potential. From its whitepaper to the protocol’s development, there is a lot to attract Litecoin community members.

Developers have built this DeFi platform quicker than other competing projects. Within the first three months, the team has developed dApp wallet, Techrate Audit, and Bitrise Audits. These are the products you will encounter on the Bitrise platform today. The project revealed a Bitrise exchange launch early next year as it plans to release the blockchain soon. Such developments and the speed involved have attracted the LTC community.

Also, the eye-catching $BRISE rewards have attracted LTC fans to Bitrise coin. Moreover, the token has a hyper-deflationary nature. Bitrise boasts a contract that buys coins automatically from the liquidity pool and burns these tokens immediately. Moreover, Bitrise is the only crypto project (at the moment) with automated buyback boasting ‘real’ usage for payment systems, thus compelling to Litecoin enthusiasts.

Furthermore, some analysts believe Bitrise has Solana-like features and may print SOL-price actions, surging to secure place among the top ten coins by market value. Nevertheless, Bitrise Coin seems to have all it takes to attract members from the Litecoin community.

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