Latest News – Cryptocurrency is on Top

Every single day, hundreds of news are generated from the cryptocurrency industry. The news includes the launch of new services, platforms, or performances of digital assets, including regulatory updates, and so much more.

Although many news a reported from the crypto-verse on a daily basis, only a few of them manage to make it to the top. This news and reports manage to gain the attention of almost the entire cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, some of the most important and widely viewed news have been listed below.

The first news comes from El Salvador (ES), where the largest bank of the country “Bancoagricola”, has partnered with Flexa. A payments processor for cryptocurrencies that is very prominent throughout the world. The bank wants to integrate Flexa into its protocol in order to provide users the facility of transacting in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies alike. The platform will be available for individuals, merchants, retailers, and even institutes o adopt and use.

The next news comes from MasterCard that has reportedly acquired CipherTrace, which is a major cryptocurrency intelligence firm. This would help MasterCard gain more detailed information and insights for over 900 cryptocurrencies. MasterCard aims to integrate CipherTrace’s intelligence technology into its own, making it more protected and secure for the users. This would eventually give MasterCard an upper hand against its long-time rival Visa, which is also exploring the crypto-verse.

Then there is DeFi Land that has reportedly managed to generate $4.1 million worth of funds. The investments in the funding round came from several investors. Some of the major investors include NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation, Jump Capital,, Animoca Brands, and Alameda Research. With the help of the funds raised through the investment round, DeFi Land will be introducing more products and services in the decentralized finance world.

The next news comes from Spain where the largest cryptocurrency exchange from Spain “Bit2Me” has announced its intentions for global expansion. The exchange has announced at the beginning of the running week that it intends to expand its services outside of Spain. The exchange has gathered a tremendous user base and reputation in Spain as one of the securest and highly trust exchanges. Now, the exchange aims to compete with cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase that have gained global recognition.

The next news comes in the form of a bridge between the Indian cryptocurrency industry and the US cryptocurrency industry. Just recently, reports have started coming in confirming that one of the major crypto-exchanges from the United States “CrossTower”, has opened up its trading division in India. The exchange has reportedly launched its cryptocurrency trading services in India amid the regulatory uncertainty that is currently being faced in India.

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