Kodimax Review 2019: Is it a Scam Broker or Legit?

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There is no dearth of online brokers on the market today. If you like the idea of trading assets as a way of investing your money in the financial market and getting a chance of becoming a millionaire, you will have to pick the right broker first. Looking at how Kodimax is serving its traders, one can say that this broker is definitely going to be one of the biggest on the market in the coming years. So, what is it that Kodimax is doing better than many other brokers online? Here is your chance to find out in this Kodimax review.

Introducing Kodimax – An Online Broker

Kodimax is not the first. In fact, there are thousands of online brokers already on the internet today. These brokers provide their services in multiple countries. Currently, they cover almost all the corners of the world with traders using their trading platform from six continents. What makes one broker better than the other is how dedicated one is at providing the services that are nearly identical. At their core, services provided brokers include giving access to traders to the financial markets through a platform that has all the trading tools, live market charts, etc. in it.

If you are new to trading in the financial markets, you might want to know the difference between trading assets and CFDs. When you trade an asset, you own that asset in its real form. On the other hand, you don’t own the asset when you trade CFDs (contracts for difference). You just own a contract that makes you money if you are able to predict the price movement of the asset correctly within a given timeframe. That’s what you will be trading when you create an account with Kodimax. The best thing is that Kodimax gives you access to dozens of financial markets of the world with this type of trading.

The company has also made sure that it gives its traders the peace of mind. To do that, Kodimax has entered the market after proper licensing and registration. When a broker is licensed, you know they are serious with the services they are providing and that they will not run away like fraud companies. Kodimax has a complete website where you can get all the information about what assets you can trade, the policies pertaining to trading, the terms and conditions of using the platform, and everything else.

Your Safety and Security Is Important to Kodimax

Kodimax is one of the brokers that pay special attention to the security and safety of your information and money. These are important factors that you must consider before you select a broker for trading. Unless you are sure about the security of these things, you should keep from signing up with such a broker. There are many ways that brokers can use to protect you when you open an account with them. They will ensure that they have the highest standards of encryption available on their websites that encrypts the information as soon as a trader enters it.

Furthermore, Kodimax ensures that the money you deposit in the account is safe and will be used only for the purpose of trading and paying any associated fees with you holding an account with the broker. All the terms and conditions have been clearly stated on the website. The policies are strict so no one who intends to launder the money using Kodimax as a platform can do so. The broker has made sure that all of its traders are representing themselves and not someone else. You will have to provide ample personal information at the time of signing up for your own security.

Even if you don’t sign up with Kodimax, you should make sure as a trader that there is information about encryption available on the website. If a broker does not talk about encryption of your information, it can mean that they are not protecting your information. Making your information accessible to unknown people like this can prove to be extremely dangerous in many ways.

You Can Trade with Freedom

Before a trader signs up with a broker, the first thing that he/she needs to check is the asset index. In the asset index, you find out about the type of assets that you will be able to trade when you sign up with the broker. Keep in mind that the asset index is different for every broker. You can’t expect every broker to have the same assets available for you. Just because you can trade palladium or copper with Kodimax does not mean you will be able to trade these commodities with other brokers as well. What makes Kodimax amazing is that it brings to you some of the best assets from the almost all the asset classes that exist.

You can trade forex if you like the idea of trading currencies to make profits from their price differences. When you trade forex, you have to buy one currency for another. When you purchase a currency, you wish for its price to increase in future so you can sell it back and obtain more money than you spent at the time of purchasing the same currency. You have plenty of options of currencies you can trade with Kodimax starting from the major currency pairs used most commonly around the world to some rare kinds that people don’t trade very often. The biggest challenge with rare currency pairs is the volatility i.e. they can go up and down in value significantly and very quickly.

You can trade precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, etc. when you have signed up with Kodimax. There are many other commodities available for trading as well, including but not limited to corn, wheat, etc. Indices are also available and they come from a variety of regions in the world i.e. Europe, America, Middle East, etc. One of the most favorite CFDs that people like to trade online is the stocks. You can purchase the stocks of various companies and hope for them to do well so the value of their stocks increases. You should know at this point that you will be trading all of these things in the same place.

The most important addition to the trading platform is cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than five years now but it has taken some time for the world to accept them. There are still many countries that have completely banned the use and exchange of cryptocurrencies. However, what makes things better is the fact that some of the biggest countries and developed economies of the world have accepted cryptocurrencies like any other regular currencies. If you are already aware of how volatile the cryptocurrency market is, you can now trade CFDs of cryptocurrencies after opening your account with Kodimax.

You Have Many Accounts to Choose From

Most of the brokers let you sign up on their website for free. You don’t have to provide you credit card information or any other banking information to open up an account. Once created, this account lets you see what options you have available, what the trading platform looks like, and how you will be using the dashboard. However, when you want to trade, you have to deposit some funds in your account. The amount of money you deposit in your account decides which account you will be signing up for. Here, it is the job of the broker to understand the varying needs of the traders and create accounts according to them.

That’s what Kodimax has done. When you are about to sign up with the broker, you are not bound to pick only one option. In fact, you have many different account types from which you can choose the one that you can afford. The first thing you will see is that the minimum amount you have to deposit in your account changes according to the type of account you pick. Since basic accounts are meant for traders with only basic knowledge of trading, the amount they need to put in these accounts is very small. Even with this small amount, they can control big trades.

Big trades are controlled with the help of leverage. Leverage is available with every account from Kodimax. However, the size of the leverage can differ based on the type of account picked. The more leverage you have available, the bigger the trade you can control. However, you have to be careful when you use the leverage because it amplifies the loss just like it increases the profit on your trade. There are many other factors that make the basic and advanced accounts different. The amount you have to deposit in your advanced account to activate is much more than the amount you need to activate a basic account.

When it comes to the advanced accounts, they are meant for people who have been trading for a long time and have big budgets. They need to put big deposits in their accounts to activate them. In addition to that, they have different leverages available to them as well. The biggest advantage of going with an advanced account is the profitability on each trade. When you sign up with advanced accounts, the broker facilitates you by making the spreads very tight. When the spreads are tight, it means that you are going to pay very little to the broker for every trade you execute. On the other hand, you have to pay a lot of money to the broker when the spreads are big.

Some other features such as trading tools, signals, etc. can also be different based on the account you choose. For an advanced account, you will have access to signals more frequently than a person with basic account. You can use these signals to complete profitable trades because they give you an idea of which direction the price of an asset is about to go. You must know at this point that lots of analyses take place before experts come up with signals. In most cases, a signal is telling you whether you should be buying an asset or selling an asset correctly. You get these signals more frequently when you sign up with an advanced account.

Overall, you will see that the broker is being very fair to you. Kodimax does not make any unnecessary profit from its traders. In fact, the broker wants its traders to walk away with most of the profit because it encourages them to conduct more trades. With competitive and tight spreads, the broker makes trading easy for traders. Keep in mind that spreads can change from broker to broker. In some cases, the spreads do not even affect your trades because the broker takes commissions from your trades. Commissions are taken on a percentage basis from every trade that you enter.

You Can Deposit and Withdraw Funds with Ease

It does not matter which account you choose to trade with Kodimax, the most important thing is how easy it will be for you to put funds in your account and withdraw them. In some cases, brokers like to put all the responsibility on traders. As a result, you have to pay a lot of fees when you deposit funds in your account and withdraw them. Sometimes, these fees can be quite big i.e. they can cost you a percentage of the money you are depositing or withdrawing from your account. However, you are at ease when you sign up with Kodimax because you don’t have to pay these costly fees on your deposits and withdraws.

First, you will be happy that there are lots of different ways available to you for depositing funds in your account. These same methods are also available when it comes to receiving funds from your account. The most basic and well-known method is of using the credit card. You can use your credit card that’s in your name to fund your account. Why you need the credit card in your name because the broker wants to keep people who use these accounts for money laundering away. In addition to the credit cards, you have the bank wire transfer option available for funding your account.

E-payment options have become quite famous in the recent years as well. When you use these options, you don’t have to use the bank or your credit card. You just have an online wallet which you can use to send money to the broker. These methods are fast but you do have to deal with deposit and withdrawal fees at times. There is ample information available on Kodimax website for you to know how much money you will be paying when doing these transactions. In most cases, you will not have to pay fees at all.

The Trading Platform Is User-friendly

The next important thing that helps you judge a broker is the trading platform. If you don’t know, there are dozens of trading platforms that brokers from around the world use. Some brokers use their own trading platforms but that happens rarely because trading platforms are not cheap to develop. You will find very few brokers that have their own trading platforms. There are certain companies that develop trading platforms and sell them to the brokers. In any case, you have to make sure that you get to use a software that makes sense to you. You don’t want to spend weeks only to wrap your head around how the software works.

Kodimax cares about its traders and that’s why the traders get access to one of the best trading platforms in the industry. This platform makes trading easy and offers a smooth trading experience to every trader from any corner of the world. First of all, it brings all your tradable assets and financial markets in one place. At a glance, you can know which trades you have entered and what their statuses are. Furthermore, you can use the tools on the platform with ease. The learning curve is short and within a few minutes you know how to use the platform.

For a trading platform to address the needs of today’s traders, it has to be available on many different devices as well. You cannot rely on a platform that only works on a particular device. For example, many trading platforms in the past were designed for desktop computers. You could not have used them on your mobile devices. However, things have changed quite a bit today as most of the users who used to use computers are now on mobile phones. For that reason, Kodimax has worked to bring its trading platform to mobile devices. Now, whether you are using a tablet or smartphone, you can have an identical trading experience on either.

You Can Receive Useful Training

You might not know but brokers are competing on the basic of training material as well. The trading world has changed quite a bit in the recent years. Today, it is a part and parcel of the services provided by online brokers to give their traders access to training material. This training material can be ebooks or videos. Most of the traders who choose ebooks are those who have a lot of time to learn and are not in a hurry to start trading. On the other hand, people who want to start as soon as possible go for video-based training. It is safe to say here that video-based training is much more effective.

The training material you can access depends on the account you have chosen at the time of signing up. If you choose a basic account, your training material will contain only basic information about trading. Keep in mind that anything from the advanced material can be confusing for you. At first, you should only focus on learning how to trade and how to keep your risks at minimum. Once you have become an advanced trader, you can move on to an advanced account. In this account, you have access to more advanced training material. You can learn advanced trading strategies to tackle any market conditions.

Kodimax has also included webinars as part of its training. You get to see some of the best traders of the industry talking about useful topics in the webinars. Once you have listened to them carefully, you can ask them questions as well. Webinars are always ongoing so you can learn just about anything as you continue to trade. Whether you want to learn advanced strategies or need clarification about certain matters, experts are there to help you with everything.

You Are Helped by Professionals

When you have checked the rest of the things, you now need to find out about the customer service. Can you send an email to the company if you need help or will you have to find all the answers in the FAQs section? With Kodimax, you can contact the company by either sending an email or filling out the contact us form on the website. When you need help on an urgent basis, you have a phone numbers on the website where you can call and get professional help. The best thing available to the traders at the time of need is the live chat on the website. These live chat agents can answer your questions instantly or send your query to the concerned department to help you as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

If you have read this Kodimax review in detail, you should know by now that Kodimax has covered everything pretty well. It has introduced all the great features to its platform and services to benefit the traders. There are some discounts and loyalty points available for active traders too. All these amazing features have put Kodimax alongside some of the best and the oldest online brokers on the market. If the broker continues to make things better and improve its existing features, there is no doubt that it can be one of the biggest if not the biggest brokers in the coming years.

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