Ripple as a sponsor at IMTC WORLD 2019

Ripple as a sponsor at IMTC WORLD 2019


Ripple has been officially welcomed as a sponsor at IMTC World 2019, official Twitter account of the conference writes.

IMTC World is the biggest financial services conference in the world bringing together more than 500 participant who arrive from industries like fintech, blockchain & crypto spheres, various startups, lots of Venture capitals and institutional.

IMTC World 2019 will be held on November 12th to 15th in the United States, at Miami Beach.

“We expect lots of large & small, traditional or disruptive International Money Transfer, Remittance, Cross-Border Payment & Fintech Companies as we’re a very unique networking event were colleagues meet year after year & greet newcomers as they explore new business leads,” the official website states.

Few months back, it was already announced that seven Ripple executives will attend the largest payment conference. Ripple will be represented by Sales Directors Cameron Goldberg, Arthur Ware and Michael Kaleta, Client Solutions Directors Neil Chopra and Priya Pandit, XRapid Partnerships Matthew Castricone and Director of Business Development Wellington Sculley.

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