Chainpoint 19 Insights

Chainpoint is a yearly conference established to introduce opportunities regarding blockchain in different industries. Chainpoint 19 was held on October 14-15 at Hotel Dvin in Yerevan, Armenia and included numerous presentations and discussions.

There was a variety of guest speakers at the event ranging from the Armenian Minister of Economics, Tigran Khachatryan, to the Head of Business Development at, Christopher Emms. However, some of them stood out more than others.


Chainpoint 19

One of the most exciting discussion panels was “The Economy of Tomorrow.” The participants were Ralph Liu, The CEO of Mulechain, Nicolai Reinbold, Ecosystem director at CVVC and Yves-Laurent Kayan, CEO of CoinPlus. During the discussion, Yves-Laurent Kayan stressed the point that in order for cryptocurrency to reach mainstream adoption and become a part of the economy of tomorrow, it has to overcome numerous obstacles. Ralph Liu, on the other hand, emphasized how blockchain will help to digitize everything around us and also facilitate a more connected economy.

The most important part of this speech was Ralph Liu’s outlook on how blockchain will support the economy of the future. He emphasized four sectors: decentralization, connecting the economy, become a bridge for tokenizing assets and creating a P2P (person-to-person) shared economy.

Throughout the discussion, Reinbold talked about blockchain startups and stated which startups work. In his opinion, the startups that use the blockchain technology in a relevant manner and have a good team. He also said that startups that have the most potential nowadays are in fintech, healthcare, and real estate sectors.


Chainpoint 19

During Liu’s solo speech on Decentralized Delivery, he talked about his startup by the name of MuleChain, which brought decentralization to a whole new level. It is a Person-To-Person decentralized delivery service, where everyone is their own boss. MuleChain creates jobs around the world without them spending much money and monetizing their own resources.


Chainpoint 19

The next day, there was an interesting discussion titled “Investments In Blockchain,” which differed from others in the sense that not all speakers were fond of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Hayk Yeganyan, the CEO of the Armenian Securities Exchange, clearly showed his dislike towards Security Tokens. He didn’t feel like companies need to disclose more information to investors and become more transparent. Yet, other speakers argued that transparency would benefit small investors more and companies would disclose the information to all investors and not a few big ones.


Chainpoint 19

In the next discussion, “Regulate the Unregulated,” speakers discussed regulators and one of them made a point that people in the government are usually a lot older and the users of blockchain and crypto coins are young. Hence, people in the government are not equipt with the knowledge to regulate the crypto sphere. On the other hand, overregulation has the potential to disrupt progress and stop innovation. Due to regulations, 90 percent of the blockchain industry can be excluded.

Overall, Chainpoint 19 was an excellent event for blockchain enthusiasts and startup leaders, and it was a wonderful opportunity for meeting people in the same field, networking as well as presenting your startup ideas out there.

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