Justin Sun Pays $4.57M to Lunch With Warren Buffett

Justin Sun Pays $4.57M to Lunch With Warren Buffett

The founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun won a lunch with Buffett on eBay auction.

He announced about the lunch on his official Twitter account.

This news wasn’t left without feedbacks. ZenGo CEO Ouriel Ohayon, mentioned on Twitter: “Nice marketing coup. The irony is that this charity lunch was paid with crypto earned money that is so much hated by Buffet”.

Also Justin Wu did not stay away, “Warren Buffet was Tai Lopez’s mentor. Now he can be Justin Sun’s for $4.5m lunch date. I am jealous. Much value wow”.

It is reported that in order to win the auction Tron founder bid 4 567 888 USD. Buffett has been holding the auction for the previous twenty years.

Bloomberg notes that Sun can take out 7 people with him to the lunch.

The profits formed from the auction will be donated to GLIDE, which is a non-profit foundation. It is also reported that the wife of Buffett was a volunteer in GLIDE till 2004.

It is worth to note that the co-host of the auction was “eBay for Charity” that allows users of eBay to help charities of their choice by donating platform-earned profits and additionally contributing to diverse causes.

Recently, Sun made an offer to pay 7 000 Bitcoin to compensate previous month Binance financial loss. However, Binance CEO rejected the offer. He also declined offers from QKC and Coinbase.

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