Binance DEX To Block Users From 29 Countries

The decentralized exchange (Binance DEX) of the leading global crypto-asset exchange and ecosystem, Binance is planning to block access to users based in 29 countries by July 2019 (UTC 00:00).

Binance informs about the restriction with a pop-up appearing when a user accesses the platform from one of the countries. It is quite curious to note that among the countries is also the United States.

Below is the message appearing in the website.

Binance DEX


Further, the statement links to the Binance Chain supporting wallets list, offering them to the users as cryptocurrency holding and managing alternatives.

This statement got a strong response by the crypto-asset community, which described this decision as a sign that the Binance DEX is actually not decentralized. Whale Panda, one of the crypto enthusiasts, mentioned on Twitter:

“Reminder that it was never a DEX so stop calling it a DEX. It’s just a word they used to pump $BNB, it was never meant to be decentralized.”

It is also worth to note that Binance lauched DEX on its native blockchain in the second half of April of this year. The main purpose was to enable community progress and foster long period vision of peer-to-peer trading of the industry.

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