John De Mol sued Facebook over crypto-asset ads

Reuters reports that Dutch billionaire John De Mol sued Facebook over crypto-asset ads using his photo without any permission.

The Facebook ads promoted false related to crypto-asset companies or stimulated users to transfer money and buy BTC, stating that all the projects are baked by Mol or he is involved in them.

Therefore, Mol claims that it supposedly has negatively affected his reputation. His lawyers declare that ads resulted to $1.9 mln loss by consumers. Mol’s advocate Jacqueline Schaap mentioned that the social media giant should not allow this kind of incidents to happen and it should prevent them from occurring. Moreover, he added that the existing vetting method is not working properly. He noted:

“I don’t know in what reality Facebook lives, but that does not work.”

As stated, the social media platform director of product management Rob Leathern told reporters that Facebook takes the social media policy violating misleading and public figures featuring ads quite seriously. He also noted that John De Mol impacting ads is also included.

Facebook lawyer Jens van den Brink reported that the platform cannot be forced to check whole time all Facebook ads. In addition, he told that Facebook had removed the ads immediately after being aware of complaints.

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