IGC Markets Review – Is IGC Markets Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

IGC Markets Review

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For decades, people have been trading in the financial markets and tapping into their potential. You can find a horde of success stories about people who made it big in one market or the other. This has always intrigued people, but they didn’t venture into the space due to the barriers to entry that existed before. Fortunately, online trading has eliminated that altogether, giving you unbounded access to the opportunities in the financial markets. You just need to find a broker and do your homework to choose the right one. IGC Markets review can come in handy in this regard.

With every broker claiming to be the best, it is natural for people to feel overwhelmed and not know which one to choose. You have to do your homework to ensure that you choose a broker that can provide you the services you require. The IGC Markets website is undoubtedly convincing and leaves a positive impression, but you need to evaluate their services before you opt for them. After all, this platform is relatively new and was established by MaxxMedia LLC, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

IGC Markets website

Let’s get started with their evaluation:

The Asset Offerings at IGC Markets

The first aspect of the broker that you need to evaluate is their asset offerings because your profits will depend on the ones you trade. No two platforms have the same offerings, so they need to be checked. You will find more than 200 assets at your disposal when you go with IGC Markets and these are spread across different financial markets. You can trade in some of the world’s largest markets, such as the forex currency market that has a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion.

The stock, indices, cryptocurrency, spot metals and energies market are some additional options that IGC Markets has provided. These offerings can help you in diversifying your trading portfolio, which reduces the risks inherent in trading and can help you make maximum profits.

The Security Measures at IGC Markets

You should ensure that the broker you choose for trading is a secure one and can keep your money as well as your personal information safe. You will not need to worry about this with IGC Markets because they have implemented robust security measures on their platform. They maintain segregated accounts for their customers to prevent misappropriation and deposit them with reputable banks to prevent theft.

As for safety of information, they use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and data encryption to prevent third-parties from accessing it. Moreover, compliance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies can also be seen at IGC Markets and this adds another layer of security. With these policies, fake accounts can be eliminated and the risks of financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft can also be minimized.

The Trading Platform at IGC Markets

One of the most crucial features of a brokerage is the trading platform they provide to you. This is not the same everywhere, so you need to ensure it is a good one and can meet your trading needs. A web-based trading software has been developed by IGC Markets for its clients’ ease and convenience. It doesn’t need downloading and can be accessed via the browser on any device, whether your desktop PC, or Mac.

Despite the use of cutting-edge technology, it is easy to navigate due to its simple interface. In addition, you will find that IGC Markets has provided a feature-rich environment, which includes trading alerts, market signals, latest news, risk management tools, numerous charting tools and various indicators. A mobile trading app is also given for helping people in trading on the move and staying connected to the markets.

The Final Decision

You will also find prompt and friendly customer support, detailed educational resources, multiple account options and various payment solutions at IGC Markets that can deliver a smooth trading experience.

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