Startup Decenter said that Google is blocking advertising campaigns mentioning the keyword Ethereum (ETH) on the Google Ads advertising platform.

Representatives of the startup explained that they tried to run ads with the keywords “ethereum smart contract audits” and “eos smart contract audits” and found that only EOS was moderated by Google. In one of the comments in the corresponding branch of Reddit is noted:

“Google has its own political and economic line, and they are quite ready to use their services to lobby their own interests. AdSense and Youtube have repeatedly been used in this way, there have been similar incidents with the Google play store.”

On Twitter, representatives of Google Ads explained that the error can be associated with the geography of targeting, recommending to read the section “cryptocurrency” in the rules of the company.

Recall that in mid-March, Google announced a ban on advertising ICO and crypto-currencies, in June it came into effect, but less than two full months after the actual ban, as the advertising campaign of the American crypto-exchange Coinbase reappeared on the sites of media giants.

In September, the Internet search giant Google announced the lifting of the ban on advertising cryptocurrency companies in the US and Japan from October 2018. Google also confirmed that soon the new rules will apply to all countries and will apply to any accounts that advertise these financial products.

In January, the developers of the bitcoin wallet with optimized privacy settings of Samourai Wallet reported that the special features of the Android application were forced to be disabled due to the requirements of Google Play.


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