Free Coin has risen sharply over the past day — according to CoinMarketcap on December 4, 22:30 GMT coin has been trading at $0.000016 (+246.34%).

According to the recent reports, the cost of altcoin in the last month shows quite sharp jumps. So, in early November, Free Coin literally broke into the top 100 CoinMarketcap, rising in price in two days by 950%.

Now the coin has risen in the ranking already on the 67th place. Thus, over the past week, the token added 32 553% in price. This is all the more remarkable, given the fact that a sudden upward movement began after the coin value fell by 99.7% just a few weeks earlier.

The author of the article suggests that the uptrend is associated with the beginning of coin trading on Mercatox digital and cryptocurrency exchange through FREE/BTC and FREE/ETH pairs. The listing was held at the end of October and it was exactly then Free Coin for the first time increased so sharply in price.

The authors of the project note in their Twitter that their goal is to popularize the cryptocurrency.

“From 1 to 5% of the world’s population used digital assets in 2017. We should invite the remaining 95% to try out the potential of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we offera free coin, so that everyone can become an investor with minimal risks and investments, buy coins, create wallets, play on the exchange,” the report said.

Recall that Free Coin is not the only coin which is trading in the green zone today. Most of the coins are gradually beginning to recover after prolonged collapse.


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