Fintech Week 2019: Ripple CEO and Ethereum Co-Founder Views

Fintech Week 2019: Ripple CEO and Ethereum Co-Founder Views


Georgetown’s 3rd annual DC Fintech Week 2019 is taking place these days, during which Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin expressed their views on the future of crypto market.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke about Ripple opening offices in Washington, DC and becoming the 1st major blockchain company with a dedicated global regulatory team there: “We are continuing to invest in clarity of what crypto means.”

Discussing swift, Brad Garlinghouse described swift transaction like “sending a postcard”, as there is no way to know it’s arrived unless the receiver tells about that. He added: “It’s crazy to me that the fastest way to get money from DC to London is to go to Dulles and get it there yourself.”

Talking about Libra, Ripple CEO mentioned: “I am not anti libra but they have gone out into the marketplace in a way that made people not like crypto.” He also added that Libra lacks of trust especially from the side of governments.

On the other side, Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin discussing Libra noted: “A monopoly by libra would be bad. We need multiple to choose from., we need choice plus different characteristics.”

Joe Lubin also spoke about Ethereum platform and what they work on: “We spend a lot of our time using the Ethereum technology & we build products for enterprises, governments & banks, and central banks.” He particularly noted: “We pay even more attention on building up a public Ethereum network ecosystem.”


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