Cryptocurrency Website CoinMarketCap Gets an Update

CoinMarketCap which is one of the largest and popular websites publishing cryptocurrency price data declared a series of changes on Wednesday.

CoinMarketCap mentioned that it has developed and improved its coin watchlist function and  modernized  its mobile-focused search function “to make it easier to access.”

As they have started their first mobile app for iOS clients only last month, users are already asking improvements for a second app which can compete with Android.

In recent years the popularity of the site has increased. It is at present in the top 300 of the world’s most visited sites, according to Alexa data. But at the same time, CoinMarketCap is meeting competition from other cryptocurrency data providers such as Thomson Reuters who lately declared that it has made new updates to their tracking capabilities.

Previously this year, CoinMarketCap met criticism over a decision to replace  three Korean exchanges from their calculated averages – the movement that led to bitcoin prices and several other cryptocurrencies appeared as if they were suddenly plunged.

In reply to the indignation by some users, Brandon Chez, the computer programmer and owner behind CoinMarketCap, told the Wall Street Journal in an email that the company’s goal “was and still is to remain a neutral and accurate source for the cryptocurrency community.”



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