Cryptocurrency Owners are under Physical Assaults

Pursuant to crypto fan Jameson Lopp periodicity of physical assault criminal cases towards cryptocurrency owners is boosting day by day. He has mentioned 23 known hacker attacks in an allocated GitHub directory. The case range from deepening assault to stealing of ATM machines, and even kidnapping of people and prepared home raids.

In its page on tweet Lopp mentioned: “To help keep track of the dynamic security landscape for crypto asset owners, I’ve started an open source repository to catalog physical attacks. Please contribute additions and corrections.” In the process of writing the article, the register had advanced to involve 31 events.

This caused hot debates on the platform, with number of customers sharing their individual experiences regarding the cases of attacks. One of the users said:  “Was held hostage for a few hours in China.” The index involves episodes from different nations, involving United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Ukraine and Iceland. Ten of the 31 attacks appeared within the United States. The nearest registered on the list is from December 2014, while the newest dates from July 6, 2018. All cataloged cases cover some sources.

Lopp subsequently has published his intentions on Twitter, marking that nearly 10 of the above mentioned crimes took place in the past six months. Lopp indicated: “Seems to be strong evidence that the rate of these attacks is accelerating.”

Taking into consideration the fact that this is the first systemized attempt to catalog cryptocurrency-associated assaults and attacks, crypto-fans are a frequent destination of fraudsters and hackers.



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