Cardano – SANBA Partnership: Cardano to Boost Blockchain Adoption in South Africa

Cardano – SANBA Partnership: Cardano to Boost Blockchain Adoption in South Africa


The Cardano Foundation partners with SANBA, the South African National Blockchain Alliance, official website of Cardano announced. The partnership is intended to study further ways to promote the adoption of blockchain in South Africa.

As reported, with the usage of blockchain, Cardano aims to promote the social as well as economic growth in South Africa. Cardano is confident that this kind of partnership will provide them a possibility to achieve their objective: the growth of blockchain technology’s adoption and the usage of the Cardano blockchain throughout Africa.

The Foundation considers South Africa as a key market in developing a network of governments, institutions and enterprises with the usage of Cardano in the continent.

As stated, the Foundation “believes in empowering individuals and enterprises by putting them in direct control of their information, wealth and value.” Cardano states: “By engaging with Cardano, South Africa has the potential to blaze the trail to decentralization for the rest of the continent.”

In addition, the Cardano Foundation reports that this partnership with SANBA is only the initial phase of blockchain technology adoption plans in the African continent. Moreover, the Foundation has an intention to promote Cardano in all the African countries and the main focus will be on blockchain governance, fintech conduct, smart contract frameworks and education.


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