Blockchain- Gaming Will Now Be Available On The Network Tron

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Blockchain- Gaming Will Now Be Available On The Network Tron

Video games may well be the golden ticket for mass adoption on the blockchain network, but only a few large networks make it the center of development.

Currently, the blockchain gaming is based on the blockchains Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS).

Following the announcement of the General Director of TRON Justin Sun, the first free blockchain game, built on a network of TRON, will be available soon. Magic Academy, a combat PvP game that allows users to collect and trade unique characters (Wizards), is now built on TRON testnet.

The currency of Magic Academy is Jade, the TRC-20 token, which is used to purchase characters and do upgrades. When players attack opposing users, they are given a chance to steal their Jade token.

Magic Academy also has “very rare ” items based on the TRC-721 standard, which means that each of them is completely unique. They give a large increase in production and combat power and can be openly sold on the Magic Academy market.

According to BitGuild, the game’s developer, all transactions can be completed using a TRON wallet such as Treasure, and they can all be tracked in the chain.


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