Bitprime Extends The Use Of The Crypto Systems In New Zealand

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Bitprime Extends The Use Of The Crypto Systems In New Zealand

BitPrime, New Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency retailer, recently listed Kin (KIN), SmartCash (SMART) and Elastos (ELA) in response to consumer demand and increased the availability of cryptocurrencies in New Zealand. Adding these coins to the company’s reserves also helps to increase liquidity in the country and develop relations.

Kin (KIN), derived from the word “kinship,” is a cryptocurrency aimed at “bringing people together in a new common economy and will serve as the basis for a decentralized ecosystem of digital services.” The initial selling tokens KIN in September 2017 has collected almost 150 million New Zealand dollars from more than 10 000 people, covering 117 countries.

SmartCash is a blockchain platform focused on community management and cooperation in the field of decentralized economy. Last week, SmartCash tweeted that they are “very excited about the new NZD/SMART Fiat gateway, which offers new Zealanders an easy way to buy SmartCash.”

Elastos (ELA) aims to build the Internet of the future using blockchain technology. The platform focuses on data ownership, scalability and digital assets. “Smartweb is a network of applications and DApps. We’re building an operating system for Smartweb,” says Chen Rong, founder of Elastos.

Currently, serving more than 9,000 kiwis. BitPrime focuses on training and supporting its customers to understand crypto and the underlying blockchain technology. BitPrime is a registered financial services provider using robust identity verification processes and anti-fraud measures.


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