After the BIG drop from the almost 20.000 USD price we have reached the wise levels 6000$ where the BIG buyers were waiting to buy again to enter into the next BIG UP TREND.


As you can see on the weekly chart have been formed the MORNING STAR pattern   which is clearly sign of the next bullish trend. Even if you have lost the opportunity to buy on the lowest levels (we recommended continuously) you have the opportunity to buy again in the levels of 8.800$ to 7.800$.


We will see the potential levels pointed above because after the weekly candle close can do a little retracement to make a small tail to continue growing up.  Once the will the pattern to start the up trend after the retracement we will update on .

The next potential resistance levels will be 13.000-14.000 because of the Fib Retracements. After that will see the 16.000 level from where is expected to have a long consolidation from where will break up to reach the 25.000$ before end of June.

On the course of the week will be updating for short term views on bitcoin forecast.


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