Trading Educational Platform Is Started

Modern Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform called, is now started and running, suggesting new methods for investors to study cryptocurrency sector.

Specializing on delivering shrewd and educational tools from major analysts and specialists within the industry, to help subscribers improve and develop their trading portfolios, Bitcoin.Live will serve all cryptocurrency traders as well as those with little to no practice. Today the educational platform is able to ensure subscribers the possibility to realize and learn tricks and tips on crypto trading.

Suggesting rich data through a series of blog posts, interactive discussions, webinars, live events, detailed reports and more, video highlights, keeping subscribers up to date with the cryptocurrency. All this information content is now accessible and suitable on a special platform created from the ground up exclusively for this service.

Founder of Bob Loukas says: “The interest shown by traders, investors and media since we announced the platform has been very encouraging and has showed us that there’s a real need within the industry for the service we are now providing. Our experts are gearing up and filling the platform with the key advice to end the uncertainty around cryptos. We cannot wait to see the platform flourish and witness our subscribers succeed within this blooming market.”

Created to be affordable, available and convenient, the platform started with at six dedicated analysts, ready to provide their knowledge, with greater contributions as the platform begins to expand. All analysts are experts in their field, and their experience ranges from Wall Street trading. The platform is launched with major cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Analytics such as Peter Brandt, Bob Loukas, CTheLight Trading, Big Ched’s and Haejin suggesting their know-how.

Bitcoin.Live continues to welcome members with an exclusive “Founding Membership” package limited to the first 2000 sign-ups. Being part of the first members to sign up comes with the opportunity to win a free lifetime membership.



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