A new animated series is released, which is called “Bitcoin and Friends”. The releasion of the 1st episode was a few days ago and it is already available on YouTube. It tells about the life of a lonely bitcoin who is looking for its creator.

The first season of the animated series will consist of 8 episodes. The main objective is to make people laugh during the depressive “bear” market & the cryptocurrency “winter”.

In this show, the main character “B” is bitcoin, which goes to the hospital & starts looking for its creator. In its way, Bitcoin finds strange friends, also Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

The creation of the remaining 7 episodes is funded through crowdfunding, and anyone can donate through the official project site. Investments give bonuses, for example, the ability to get your own character in the show. All the funds will go to the budget of the production, which will be spent on character voicing & design, music licensing. etc.

Robert Allen, who is the producer of the series, told that the release of the 1st episode was a treasure of nice jokes, irresistible stories and characters as the story of bitcoin & cryptocurrency is colorful. He mentioned, “We started with the birth of bitcoin in 2009, showing the uncertainty of the early days. However, Bitcoin will be stronger & more confident during the season.”

the other 7 episodes’ release is postponed til sufficient funding is secured, also the summary of the future episodes is not available yet. The producers are also looking for writers, illustrators and animators who have a desire to work on the animated series.


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