Bitcoin (BTC) Stays 173 Days Without Any Price Maximum

In case Bitcoin has appeared to be uninteresting for some time, one of the reasons of that situation is the fund has stayed more than 173 days without a new price record or5 maximum. Over the past two quarters, BTC prices have fallen from nearly $ 20,000 to the present levels of about $ 7,500. Statistical data demonstrate that the longest shift of the Bitcoin aside was between 2013 and summer 2017, when prices raised up again.

BTC has had its interim maximums for that time, but were not able to set any new records. Several weeks ago, BTC prices have not been much changeable. Following a bigger shakedown from around $8,000 to the present levels, BTC once more kept stability. BTC traded at 7,677.83 which is $4.3 million in 24 hours.

As per the data of CryptoCompare the greater the price and trading of BTC stagnate, the more powerful Japanese Yen trading is becoming. At present moment, over 63% of BTC volumes are against the Japanese yen. Even Tethers (USDT) have removed, to around 15% of trading volumes. Direct investments in US dollars has fallen from the usual 20% to about 15%, and the share of the Euro is extremely insignificant.

The superiority of BTC in relation of market capitalization has stagnated about 38.2%. And BTC has reduced its trading share, which hangs around 30% of the market, as not all altcoins are paired with BTC, instead paired with USDT, Ethereum, or other assets.



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