Bitcoin Accepted By Start-up Lawers

A New York based outlet called has mentioned in a report, that many law firms are working with startups to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The team has an aim to land more business opportunities for the lawyers. It all centers around showing that they’re invested in what their clients are building.

The report says, that not only the small firms, that accept cryptocurreny payment, but firms such as The international law firm, Perkins Coie, has apparently been accepting bitcoin payments since 2013.

Other firms, that accept cryptocurrency are Steptoe & Johnson and Frost Brown Todd. Some attorneys have said they’re perfectly happy for the development. Others have concern about the unpredictable behavior of cryptocurrencies.

For example, when accepting bitcoin, one will have to trace it to ensure it hasn’t come from illegal activity. “I like the anonymity of it,” criminal defense attorney Jay Cohen tells

At the same time Cohen mentioned, that he had to decline representing people who wanted to do it, as he don’t want to be investigated.


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