Recently, a hacker working under the pseudonym Bnatov Platon offered a crypto news outlet, CoinDesk, extensive information about their efforts to receive large sums of money from Binance in return for not publishing any data about the exchange’s users.

Today, the hacker started releasing information and images of the platform’s customers following a month of contact with the alleged hacker.

Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally and the fact that private information was not secure on the platform caught the interest of the whole crypto community.

The ordeal began in May 2019, when Binance experienced a cyber attack during which 7,000 BTCs were stolen from customers. The exchange announced a security breach that led to a hack. However, it failed to say anything about leaked customer information.

Although Bnatov Plation was not behind the Binance hack, he hacked someone involved with it.

The trading platform claims that the information was gathered from another company that they had worked with last year. The leaked information of 2 users has already been confirmed.

Binance stated that an individual contacted them offering 10,000 images of users in exchange for 300 Bitcoins. The case is currently under the exchange’s investigation.

The hacker claims to have over 60,000 accounts and has shared over 600 with CoinDesk.

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