Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak Has Become The Co-Founder of Blockchain Investment Firm

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Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak Has Become The Co-Founder of Blockchain Investment Firm

Steve Wozniak, a tech entrepreneur best known as Apple’s co-founder, joined EQUI Global, a venture capital Fund built using blockchain technology, as a co-founder.

In a post published by the company, Wozniak said he would be looking for technology companies to find the “technology stars” of the future. He also said that he regularly receives innovative offers, but for the first time after Apple he agreed to join the company. Wozniak added that, in his opinion, technology can modify and improve business. EQUI Global not only caught his attention, but also convinced HIM that it would turn out to be a “game changer.”

According to Wozniak, the team observe up to 20 different companies. Once the companies are shortlisted, they will be mentors of the EQUI Global Council of social entrepreneurs.

Wozniak also praised EQUI Global’s co-founders, Michelle Mone and Douglas Barrowman, for their history in supporting blockchain technology. Last year, Mone and Barrowman announced the development of $ 325 million Aston Plaza and residences in Dubai under the management of their private equity firm Aston Ventures. In February 2018, the pair successfully sold 50 apartments to Bitcoin users.

The pair then launched an ICO for EQUI Capital, but managed to raise only $ 7 million compared to the expected $ 80 million by the end of June 2018. Then the company abandoned ICO, changed its name to EQUI Global and became a partner of Apple’s co-founder.

Wozniak said he believes firms like EQUI will allow other companies to follow a new model based on blockchain technology.


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