American Rapper 50 Cent a Bitcoin Millionaire

Rapper 50 Cent has made millions from bitcoins, which he got in 2014 for his album called “Animal Ambition”. At that time the album cost only $662.

According to an initial report in TMZ, the famous rapper forgot about 700 coins, which cost about $400,000 in 2014, and left his account unused for years.

However, the recent cryptocurrency surge multiplied his profits and now the rapper’s 700 bitcoin is worth more than $7,5 million, as the “digital gold” costs $11,000.

50 Cent posted on his Instagram profile:

“Not bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me.”

Bitcoin, a virtual currency created from computer codes, was worth only a few U.S. cents when launched in 2009 by someone using the Japanese-sounding name Satoshi Nakamoto.

The well-known virtual currency bitcoin, which was created in 2009 from computer codes, worth only a few cents at that time. Unlike the U.S. dollar or euro, bitcoin has no central bank or government backing it.

During 2017, the price of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies surged to a record high of $20,000 in December, before dropping to $10,000 in January, because many investors started massive sell-offs.


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