According To Experts XRP Cannot Be Considered As Real Cryptocurrency

Elvis Investment CEO, Anatoly Castella mentioned in the report that Ripple XRP’s focused protocol could have much more importance on the token performance both at present and in the big circulation.

According to the central protocol XRP was established by the Ripple Labs Inc. head company with the absolute majority of the cryptocurrency conducted by the owners.

Castella indicated that because of this reason XRP is probably will miss on some of the large investors and changes coming to the crypto markets.

As well, the absence of multi-million capital investment by Cohen Private Ventures into Autonomous Partners cannot help with anything to XRP.

Castella mentions about the difference of XRP in comparison with the other cryptocurrencies. The main recommendations of Anatoly  regarding the SEC arranges various normative framework for tokens that are considered to be in the same category as Ripple.

Beside other open calls to examine Ripple’s status as a security, it is to be reviewed that XRP had in April confronted a claims presented by a trader who also demanded the token be registered as securities.

In case the prediction is true, it would mean that third-placed XRP could go further behind BTC and Ethereum in the list of top cryptocurrencies.



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