A Surge in the Crypto Market has Pushed the Price of Ethereum to an All-Time High

Something unique did happen in the morning where the market capacity and the price of Ethereum have hit a new all-time high. It is not expected only of Bitcoin to perform when the crypto market is in some serious volatility and looking for a wonder to happen or emerge onto the big screen. Bitcoin has been a little dormant in putting out a show in front of the bright shining spotlight, but this time Etehreum has done it. Its price finally surged to $2197 in the morning hours but since then has retreated to a mere $2171, and if truth be told, that is not bad retreating at all. 

Not only this, but the market cap of Ethereum, which is the largest after Bitcoin, has also settled for $250 billion, which accounts for 1/8th of the total $2.07 trillion crypto market as a whole where Bitcoin is carrying the heaviest shares. For all that time, Bitcoin was taking all applaud where Ethereum was hustling definitely to have some of the elegant spotlights from investors, crypto market and enthusiasts in which Bitcoin has been basking for too long.  

Bitcoin’s Position

Bitcoin came across its last all-time high on 13th March, and it was believed or hypothesized (it would be a more generally accepted term here) that the bullish trend will now finally keep on with Bitcoin and the journey of creating new all-time highs will continue. Sadly, it hasn’t panned out just yet as it managed to cross the $60k limit about six times this year, but this is it, and Bitcoin hasn’t been able to cross its own all-time high, which is $61.6k.

There is nothing wrong with being a little hustling but come on, already show us some positive trends on the big screen; if this is the mindset of the investors out there and some immature ones have this, then it is highly unlikely that they will see Bitcoin flying with enormous wings any time soon. A little patience is of the essence here, and if it can’t be practiced, then there is no use in being in the crypto market or investing in the most volatile investment structure anywhere on the planet. And even after all that, Bitcoin needs to do some scoring to get back into the game.      

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