A Glance at Crypto Investments of Mark Cuban Who Owns up to 100 Altcoins

Mark Cuban is now being tracked, and his crypto activities, like on-chain data, portfolio content, and statements, are being analyzed by crypto sleuths to confirm the legitimacy. Cuban, a well-known crypto addict, seems to have been directly involved in the crypto business and even utilizing crypto platforms for minting NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Layer-2 scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) and trading platform Injective Protocol (INJ) are the platforms of Ethereum connected with Cuban for investing in an altcoin. On the website of Cuban, there are some 24 projects listed related to blockchain.

Other than that, one of his Ethereum wallets was found on Rarible, a decentralized marketplace for the non-fungible token, after he had finished minting an NFT. The wallet included a bunch of altcoins from DeFi (decentralized finance); nevertheless, most of his assets were associated with the Aave lending protocol. Afterward, that wallet has nearly been emptied by Cuban. That wallet comprises Ethereum that values approximately $2,000, and other obscure altcoins that worth around $26,000, including Doge Inu (DOGI), Dogelon (ELON), and Bingo Inu (BINGO). It is not confirmed whether Cuban paid for these crypto-assets or some other coin holders had sent them in an attempt to promote the tokens in their possession.

Lark Davis, a crypto influencer and analyst, has also shared his view on Cuban’s various contents of wallets. He points out that it was mentioned by the owner of Dallas Mavericks in conversation that his crypto portfolio contains lesser-known altcoins in 10%, Ethereum in 30%, and Bitcoin in 60%. Davis states that from the sources of information about blockchain technology, it is noted that the cryptocurrency in his possession contains Injective, Aave, Polygon, Fanton (FTM), Rarible (RARI), Serum (SRM), and SushiSwap (SUSHI).

He further stated that the portfolio is not limited to these coins, but these coins have been openly admitted by him or can be seen in his link codes. Davis further reveals that Aave, among the most prominent platforms of DeFi, has been mentioned by Cuban to be frequently used by him. Similarly, Rarible is another major marketplace of NFTs, so he can buy NFTs from there. There is no trace of the SushiSwap token in his holdings, but he mentioned that he uses it. Polygon is another platform on which there are a lot of holdings traced.

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